Monday, August 25, 2008

First day of School

I am official.  I just survived my first day of school as a first year teacher!  Surprisingly, I'm not too tired-but that may be due to the fact that I've been pulling some very long shifts these past couple of weeks.  Oh the wonder of summer marching band and staff development :(.  I feel like I am finally getting to a point that I understand what is expected of me as a staff member, but I still feel extremely anxious about tomorrow.  Everyone kept asking if I was nervous or if I was ready for the first day of school and I could honestly say, "No, I'm not nervous and yes I'm so ready to get into the school year."  Well...I could be honest until about 10pm last night.  Suddenly I became nervous and began to worry myself sick about all of the things I had failed to take care of before today.  I didn't go back over the college text books that told you what to do on your first day, I didn't look very closely at the Standard Operating Procedures of my school, I didn't finish that beginner trombone packet, I forgot to pick up that 5-minute theory book for my beginners...!  It was not a good feeling.  When that alarm went off at 5am I just know that my dream of being the ideal Harry Wong "effective first day teacher" was over.

However, when I arrived at my desk I didn't find Mr. Wong or even my boss shaking their fingers at my supposed failures.  No, it wasn't this place where students were staring up at me as if they were looking for some way to break me.  It was actually empty.  I was the first there.  Taking a seat in my chair all fears disappeared and I simply started my job.  No big deal.  I worked.  That's what I came to do and the rest fell into place.  

My first day as a teacher went like this:  I read the handbook.  No plans or beginner trombone packet necessary.  

Friday, August 1, 2008

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