Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Diaries of a beginner teacher...I love my students...no, really I think I do

The other day I was talking to another director I work with and we were laughing over how many times we repeat things in our classes.  He said he just wanted to record all of the repeated sayings and just hit play when needed.  

Track 1:  "Tap your toe."
Track 2: " Take a deep breath."
Track 3: "Don't breath through your nose."
Track 4:   "Play the right note." 
Track 5: "Sit up strait..."
Track 31:  "Stay wiht the metronome"
Track 57:  "Fix your embouchure."
Track 82:  "Too much mouthpiece in your mouth."
Track 95: "TAP YOUR TOE"
Track 456:  "SIT UP STRAIT!"

Can I squeeze a "use your brain!" in there?  How about "read music!"  I don't think either of those would be very effective, would they?  I love my students...no, really, I do.  I just get so frustrated by their inability do what I want them to do!  I can hear some of my professors chuckling in the back of my head right now (clue #63 that I'm loosing my mind in this first year of teaching).  

On another note....check this story out.  One of the many reasons I love band.


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